A taste for vegans at the Garage

2 Feb 2018 – Friday

I had an adventurous pallet for my dinner on that day — fresh, bold or fine dining perhaps, and scoured the internet for some options. Browsing; not intimidated by what’s trending or a hype, I found myself on the landing page of Garage 51.

Having stayed in Kuala Lumpur for more than a decade, it be wise to map the distance and time of departure before heading out. Honestly, I don’t particularly enjoy being exhausted before a meal due to traffic congestion and searching for parking.

If you’re driving, you can easily park at the Sunway University parking facility which is relatively close by the restaurant, with an hour priced at RM2.00 (Price may change without prior notice). I went on a Friday evening, so I assumed not many people would be around that time. I was right! However parking may not be so convenient during the day unless your lucky. The last time I tried was during lunch (1:30pm – 2:30pm), which resulted in an hour and a half to finally get parking.

From the outside, nothing boastful nor extravagant to catch the unknowing eye, however it’s interior has a concept which is pleasantly comfortable. After almost 5 years since its doors first opened, I’d like to know personally if there were any changes due to the changing crowds. Upon entering the restaurant, Its’ staff was immediately accommodating and friendly — enlightening me on their special and the house favourite, this is an essential part of my customer experience. Eventually after taking some time to understand their huge selection on their menu which suited my taste that day, I made my order.

Seeing that during my visit to the restaurant wasn’t bustling with customers, I was expecting my meal prep time would be cut in half or at least quick.

Vegan Black Bean

As the meal; Vegan Black Bean, arrived at my table, its presentation was clean and simple, its size was in proportion to my taste and was not a displeasure, but did have an unusual after taste at the end. The vegetables were crunchy and fresh. This made me question the meals’ preparation consistency — will it taste the same way the second time I ordered this meal? or will it surprise me?.

The coffee wasn’t too sweet and had a bitterness to it and as for the coconut water, was to my expectations, I loved it. So here’s how I rate Garage 51. Note that this is only my personal opinion about my experience.

(1-Don’t Bother out of 10-Awesome)

Location: 5 — It really depends on which day and time you choose to go.

Service: 7 — Could be better.

Waiting period: 5 — Reasonable.

Environment: 5 — Photo worthy.

Meal: 8

Price: 5 — Middle income earners.

Would I come again: 58% Chance of that happening!

Breakfast for me at Brotz N.19 Bakery & Cafe

Sometimes it’s the barrage of choices that taunt us every time breakfast, lunch or even dinner comes around. Either that or the convenience of having to sample the same menu but in different shops. In short, finding food is not the problem here, deciding is.
imageIt’s a Sunday morning, and I’m starving for a reasonable meal after working out a sweat. So I grabbed my phone; being the Millennial that I am, and searched google for some suggestions. An hour has passed and after scanning through people’s recommendations and reviews on various apps and Facebook pages — about breakfast deals, what finally struck me was this little ad on a group I’m a member of on Facebook. After double checking with the cafe’s reviews, I quickly mapped its location on google maps and dashed over there.

Parking might be a challenge for those driving there — especially on weekdays, however if your pressed for time you can easily head to the nearest parking facility; Sunday University Car Park, which is just less than a 5-minute walk to the cafe. Price may change in time without prior notice but I parked less than an hour so it was just RM2.00.

So heading there, I passed by several other restaurants which pinched my interest — that is another story, however I had my sight set for Brotz N.19 Bakery & Cafe Sunway. The best thing about being an early bird is that I like a quiet ambiance to savour my meal and appreciate the cafe’s decorative genius and excellent customer service.

imageComing into the cafe, I was immediately greeted, kindly seated, and handed the menu by their staff. Although it was 11:30 in the morning, I am a big fan of English or American Breakfast. So I made my obvious choice of having their Ultimate Big Breakfast. Absolutely loved the taste of the fresh grilled-tomatoes, with the mushrooms texture. The scrambled egg wasn’t watery or over cooked — like most places I’ve experimented, and the toast was nicely paired with the bacon and sausage.

The Ultimate Big Breakfast

For the beverage, I chose to take up a bottle of water to finalise the taste.

imageFor dessert, I was suggested the Housemade Tiramisu Pancake. I wasn’t disappointed, honestly. As for the price, it was reasonable for the generous portion served. I will definitely come again, and ask for the same menu, again.

DATA — Why is it not a concern?

Millions — if not billions are being invested in data collection and analysis by big corporate companies, then why aren’t small to medium sized companies see its worth or be concerned? — at least in a small scale.

After a few meetings with some small enterprises about the potential benefits of data and business expansion, to no avail was it enough reason.

Data is a well known and great tool for Retail Business and Schools for progress and longevity. Sadly only a handful of brilliant companies are reaping its benefits; which I think puts them in a vantage point in the race.

The trend now in Malaysia; when it comes to embodying a digital company is generally to be presentable to its audience, specifically on social media platforms.