The moment I walked-in was something out of a futuristic movie – allowing my imagination to run wild, its metal inclosures measured-up to a spaceship or time capsule – a feeling I’m comfortable with, and an experience I’m eager to share.


Its bold containers, are in stark contrast with its tight corridors and sleek stairs, clean and organized sleeping quarters, and calm dimineur almost makes it all too difficult for me to resist a moment of slumber.

For just RM55 – 6-hour accommodation package, you get a bed, shower, and luggage storage, granted you can check-in between 8am and 4pm. It is conveniently levelled with a food court and bus terminal at L1 of gateway@klia2. Either check-in between that time to enjoy its package or anytime throughout the day, CapsuleTransit can cater to a variety and quantity of guests – subject to availability of course, as some even extend their stay.


Boxed quarters is currently a trend and doesn’t seem to be slowing down the go-getter and backpacker attitude. The attractive combination of having cheaper rates than hotels offer while being more luxurious than hostels has caused demand to surge and better alternative, even for transit travellers.


Level 1 (CP1) Lot 1-5,Gateway@klia2
Terminal klia2
KL International airport, Jalan klia2/1,
64000 Sepang. Malaysia

Opening Hours


Contact Number

03-7610 2020





If you’re planning to backpack somewhere and pressed for time when it comes to preparing a decent meal, then the go-to prepacked meal you should be eyeing for is the ‘Chicken Masak Merah with Tomato Rice’ by Kembara, which is sold at the Agrobazaar Malaysia outlet. A locally produced premium pack, capable of satisfying your hunger pangs – even at the highest altitudes or deep inside the toughest terrain of Malaysia’s rainforest in just below 10minutes.


All you have to do is just add water in the packet and the self-heating element will smoke-up a storm for 10minutes and your set for a delicious meal. THAT’S ALL!

Priced around RM22 including tax (at KLIA2) for a single meal is worth it, if where your headed is an inconvenience to cook or pressed for time. Check-out their website to see what I mean and fish for their promotion or deals at KembaraAdventureMeals.


The Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) certainly has a lot to offer its weary or excited travellers. We all agree (in general) that travelling can certainly build-up an appetite and weigh heavy on our body’s performance. Hence the idea to discover a rest area that I could slightly nap or rest, charge my phone, and not worry about my luggage. To my excitement, I had no idea that such a place existed till now!


Tucked away from the busy walkways of the airport is the ‘Rest N Go Exclusive Lounge‘ at Level 2 gateway@klia2. Its intimidating exterior at first rattled my wallet, but a closer inspection at its packages – surprised me. For now (as of March 2019) its RM48/pax for 2 hours package is an absolutely steal!

Not only am I able to rest or sleep in utter comfort but my aching musles get to experience the therapeutic luxury of the‘GINTELL DéWise Care Butterfly Message Chair’. That’s not all – free wifi, charging ports beside your chair, luggage storage compartments, disposable socks, blanket, aromatherapy wafting in the air, and a complimentary drink are also provided.

There are many packages to choose from and its all affordable especially for backpackers; like myself – so choose wisely, or you might miss your flight.

Website: http://www.gintell.com


After a theraputic rest, time to get something to nibble before the long trip. Stationed beside the departure hall for local flights is the Agrobazaar Malaysia; where every product manufactured and produced are made locally. I’ve always favored ‘Agromas Tapioca Chips’, because of its taste and value.

Eating tapioca chips reminds me of sharing a humble yet delicious tapioca meal with the Orang Asli community in Sungai Siput, Perak. The flavour isn’t overpowering the tapioca taste and quantifies moderately in serving.

For convenience, customers can chose to sit at its café and savoir its delicious breakfast or lunch set meals – amongst a very vibrant setting, surrounded by more than 500 locally produced, innovative, and tasty products that I’m sure will come in handy transiting within or out of Malaysia.

Operating Hours

6:00am – 12:00midnight



Most people I know, ‘Starbucks’ would be their choice for coffee. However, I craved a bold new taste that fateful morning and there it was; directly facing the entrance of level 3 – Departure Hall, the ‘Kofi Kraze2’ premium outlet. Its modern contemporary outlet offers charging ports, comfortable seats, in a go-getter trend café setting. Furthermore, Its comfy exterior couldnt subdue the aroma of freshly ground coffee and gourmey sandwiches peaking through the glass display.


Fortunately, I was able to sample a few of its premium cold brew coffee flavours – boasting its breakthrough in coffee brewing technology (the ‘Maxtract’ process) which gives ‘Kofi Kraze2’ its smoothness, aroma and intensity.

I must admit it wasn’t at all disappointing – particularly the international favourite ‘BlackCoffee’ and the local twist ‘Kokonut Burst’. Its black coffee certainly has a kick to it but held nothing back in its smooth taste and aroma. In addition, I like to take my coffee cold too – as it is relatively less acidic and richer in antioxidants, and is the case of its tropical ‘Kokonut Burst’; essentially coffee with natural coconut in the mix. The smooth coconut taste – more like silk against your skin, compliments the Arabica coffee. A reasonable price for a cup of coffee and gourmet sandwiches that come in 3 different servings to further fill your hunger pangs.

Speaking to Chong Lee Kian (Director) at the ‘Kofi Kraze2’ outlet.


In short, If you crave coffee with a local taste, eco friendly and healthier, then ‘Kofi Kraze2‘ should come to mind at KLIA2.


L3-23, Level 3, Gateway@klia2
Terminal klia2
KL International airport
Jalan klia2/1
64000 KLIA

Opening Hours

8:00AM – 10:00PM

Contact Number

03-5166 4862