It is truly a centre piece for comfort due to the fact of its accessibility to one of the oldest functioning structures in Malaysia. Strategically located among a great deal of Instagrammable sites, surrounded by local delicacies, its ease of commutability, and knock-out affordability for benign civil accommodation is just the tip of what guests can expect at the ‘Travelodge City Centre‘, hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

The ‘Travelodge City Centre’ is strategically located.

If you’re like me; fascinated by the idea of street photography, Insta-worthy historical sites, and love for food, the hotel is just a few steps from the ‘Kasturi Walk’ and ‘Central Market’.

The main entrance of the Central Market building.

The Central Market has been in operation for more than 120 years. In the early years, it was a wet market catering for the local community. As soon as Kuala Lumpur began to develop, so did the structures; and to think at some point in time it was scheduled to be demolished. SHAME ON THEM!

Fortunately it stands till today because of visionaries ahead of their time, for that I am grateful. To think it withstood war, riots, decay, and greed is an achievement in itself, and stands as a reminder of its humble beginnings from stall to an iconic operating structure that still attracts thousands of paying visitors globally, every year.

Unfortunately for me, I came when the ‘Central Market’ was in the process of upgrading works.
The ‘Central Market’ and ‘Kasturi Walk’ under upgrading works.

For visitors both foreign and local, there are notice boards at each iconic structure; deemed by Malaysia’s government as a historical or of cultural significance, for a more personal appreciation for details. Should you need further details of the site, just scan the barcode and it will take you to the desired information digitally.

The ‘Sri Maha Mariamman Temple’ information stand of the ‘Tin Trading Town Trail’
Main entrance of the ‘Sri Maha Mariamman Temple’ at Jalan Tun H. S. Lee in Kuala Lumpur.

Besides the ‘Central Market’ and ‘Kasturi Walk’, another notable structure for its vibrancy, history, and symbolism is the ‘Sri Maha Mariaman’ temple. Its just a 5 minute walk from the ‘Travelodge City Centre’ hotel, you can literally see the temple from your hotel room; depending on which side of the hotel you are staying of course. The temple’s full vibrance can always be appreciated on ‘Deepavali’. Which is why, the hotel is fully booked during the days leading up to ‘Deepavali’ and other public holidays. Thus be prepared to book in advance, or be part of the ‘TravelodgeR’ program to get further discounts and informed of their promotions. I did!

Exploring a small section in a day of a vast area.
I can’t wait to explore! Looking outside.
Can you spot the ‘Sri Maha Mariamman Temple’?
I woke up late because it was essentially better sleeping conditions.
A few things you need to be mindful about before heading out.

Here are some street advice to those who are using mobile phones to take shots of the local area. Take it around 10 a.m. when the sun is in its full glory and a clear sky, as it will be an effort on your skills should it be the opposite. I wasn’t that lucky. Hence, the reason why I; after sweating effort and tired eyes, I like to come back to a comfortable room to recharge and set for another whack at it. Remember, to be familiar with the local weather and ready for any outcome during video recording and/or urban photography with just a mobile phone.
When you are out in the streets, you will definitely come across people who will unsuspectingly walk up to you and explain their problems to ask for sympathy-money. Don’t give-in. What I did (as I probably look gullible) was telling then I use cashless money. If they insist to follow you to the bank, then you just walk away and don’t look back. Don’t be susceptible to any ‘Excuse Me’, ‘Hello!’, ‘Can help?’ and avoid eye contact by using sun glasses.

With all these things in mind, you’ll definitely be looking forward for some sense of security, comfort and ease of mind. Recently renovated in December 2019, ‘Travelodge City Centre’ has all the amenities that you need for an easy, relaxing stay – including quality bedding, engaging and attentive service, and complimentary WiFi. Click HERE to look at the rooms.

The ‘Pasar Seni LRT Station’ is just beside ‘Travelodge City Centre’.

The ‘Pasar Seni LRT’ Station located next to the hotel, and the renowned ‘Petaling Street Market’ is within walking distance from the hotel. The hotel is also the perfect place for business travellers, providing you with accessibility when travelling to the central business districts, which is just 300 metres away and takes less than five minutes if you choose to walk. Below are some of their promotions.

In a nutshell I have enjoyed my experience staying at the ‘Travelodge City Centre’ in Kuala Lumpur while exploring the area. I highly recommend it! For more information and to book your room click HERE!

Click on the image to see the video.


How is it that a person like myself; who never thought of horror as a form of entertainment (Read this: 5 REAL REASONS I DON’T DO HAUNTED/HORROR THEMED PARKS), found an immersive horror experience, entertaining?. The moment I pryed open its website, I thought to myself this looks promising. The more I read, the more intrigued I was to explore its brilliance.

Here are my 5 reasons why Hauntu is an exception.

#1 : Its Story

Unlike most haunted houses; which will indefinitely serve-up some quick scares, “Hauntu” allows its guests to be part of the story by deciding how their story will end. Occasionally, its the pop-up scares and creeps that bonds the themepark, however “Hauntu” triumphantly combines both spook and story fluently that’ll make you want more. It had me the moment it started.

#2 : Its Theatre

Hauntu is a theatrical playground; everything from its centre pieces to its costumes, is enough to free your imagination, despite being in the busyiest city in Malaysia. Sometimes I forget that its theatre and at times I did feel a sense of the character I was playing due to the convincing actors & actresses roles I was in. Absolutely loved it!

#3 : Its Immersive

Behind Hauntu’s alluring facade are its talented cast members whose heart and soul are set to move you in this emotional journey. I know I was. Professional actors and actresses put on a convincing performance that’ll either help you or lead you astray to an alternate ending.

#4 : Its Measured Activity

This is the second best part of why I love this game. Neither party are allowed to disrupt the experience physically during the entire length of the journey. Meaning guests and staff are not allowed to physically harm and brake character. So far, I have and neither have they harmed me or broke character during my experience. Plus the fact that, ghosts can’t touch me is an added relief. I hate to see, those with ill intentions participate in this experience.

#5 : Alternate Endings

Finally! The main reason why I think this experience is worth my time and money is… its alternate endings. I’m of the curious kind of person and wonder what I did that could have made a difference.

Conclusively, Hauntu lives up to its reputation as an immersive horror/mystery experience that is not only interactive, but also suspenseful. I’d like to thank Tourism Malaysia and Hauntu for the exceptionally-shocking experience.


In the past I’ve never found scaring myself entertaining. Some consider it a release while others love the thrill, but for me… the real reason is as follows and by ranking:

#5 Personally, Not Entertaining!

Say what you will, we all have our own definition of entertainment and mine doesn’t involve getting spooked for a shrieky scream as a form of release. I might release something else and I don’t intend to know what it will be.

#4 Not Thrilling

Some would consider getting surprised by a loud thud somewhere in the dark as thrilling, for me its more of to investigate and eliminating the issue. According to spiritual mediums, I have a strong aura that signals spirits to keep away from me. Maybe that’s why I hardly encounter evil spirits, furthermore I don’t go hunting for them to prove it again.

#3 Real Haunted Houses

Rather than paying to be spooked, I’d rather be spooked for free. There are obviously differences between real hauntings and theatrics, and I lean more towards reality rather than make beleive. Malaysia has lots of spooky and forbidden areas where hauntings lurk anyway.

#2 Life is Scary

Have you ever looked at your bill every month, that’s spooky enough not knowing whether you can make payments. Life is scary, tell that to the dead. They’d prefer to stay dead.

Finally on this list, the number one and MY REAL AND MAIN REASON why I choose to ignore or jus don’t go into horror or haunted themed parks is…

#1 My Nasty Reflex

As corny as it may sound, this is the real reason. There have been occasions where I literally will throw down a mean punch out of reflex; meant to knockout. Being a novice in martial arts, I have yet to master my reflex upon a surprise attack, thus controlling it might be difficult to achieve when needed.