50 000 Entrepreneurs Will Rocket Sales with ‘Roket Pemasaran Momentum’

A decade of relentless passion to help local business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their success through his growing online clasess and personal training sessions, Najib Asaddok (CEO, Momentum Internet Sdn. Bhd.) has sparked his latest ambition to help 50 000 entrepreneurs nationwide, in a series of ‘Roket Pemasaran Momentum 2019: Nak Tarik Pelanggan‘ which launches today.

“The main objective of this campaign is to equip entrepreneurs with strategies on how to market their products or services through online platforms…”

– Najib Asaddok –

Najib Asaddok (CEO, Momentum Internet Sdn. Bhd.) at the launching of ‘Roket Pemasaran Momentum 2019: Nak Tarik Pelanggan’ held at Holiday Villa Subang.


According to the latest report from Hootsuite, 24 million Malaysian citizens are online everyday. “This is a great opportunity that entrepreneurs should seize in their effort to introduce their product and service” Najib Asaddok further explains in the press conference during the launch of the campeign under Momentum Internet Sdn. Bhd.

Najib Asaddok with reporters during a Q&A session at the press conference.


Since 2015, Momentum Internet Sdn. Bhd. has helped more than 38 000 entrepreneurs nationwide under Najib’s wing and insight; on purchasing trends and market evolution, hence saw more than 20% enrolment into its advanced courses. In 2014, during its initial stages is optimistic to support local entrepreneurs in terms of system delivery, training, coaching, publishing and business advisory services. Currently the company’s projected annual revenue by 2023 stands at RM100 million, with 60% profit. It has a highly-trained team in Johor and 3 training academies which is overall ready to be listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia.


An internet entrepreneur – who helps businesses reach their first RM1 million in sales, ailes from Johor, is also a trainer and speaker, author of ‘Roket Emel’, ‘Roket Busines’, ‘Momentum Busines’, ‘Roket Pemasaran Momentum’, and ‘4 Turbo Copywriting’ – which I have in my collection, and sales background has not only made him a hit in the local scene but also in Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei. His FREE online training is the hook that everyone should checkout.


You can always checkout the following links to findout more about the dirt-cheep registration to his course coming soon, so register, connect and subscribe for a headstart in to your success. I know I have.


Register Training Session at www.naktarikpelanggan.com

Connect with Najib Asaddok at www.najibasaddok.com

Company at www.momentuminternet.com

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Supporting local entrepreneurs in making sound business decisions by creating aesthetic-marketing programs, digital video production, creative content, and data analysis. I also have a love for film making and passion for history.

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