DATA — Why is it not a concern?

Millions — if not billions are being invested in data collection and analysis by big corporate companies, then why aren’t small to medium sized companies see its worth or be concerned? — at least in a small scale.

After a few meetings with some small enterprises about the potential benefits of data and business expansion, to no avail was it enough reason.

Data is a well known and great tool for Retail Business and Schools for progress and longevity. Sadly only a handful of brilliant companies are reaping its benefits; which I think puts them in a vantage point in the race.

The trend now in Malaysia; when it comes to embodying a digital company is generally to be presentable to its audience, specifically on social media platforms.

Published by Otto Othman

Supporting local entrepreneurs in making sound business decisions by creating aesthetic-marketing programs, digital video production, creative content, and data analysis. I also have a love for film making and passion for history.

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